The United States saw 752 severe weather warnings issued across 25 states between last Saturday and yesterday evening. On the map above, blue boxes indicate a severe thunderstorm warning, red indicates a tornado warning, green indicates a flash flood warning, and teal indicates a special marine warning.

The severe weather resulted in 219 reports of large hail, the largest being the 4.25" diameter (softball size) hail that fell in Denton, Texas on Thursday.

The Storm Prediction Center received 191 reports of wind damage or recorded gusts above 60 MPH during the week, with Denton also seeing the highest winds with a recorded gust of 82 MPH.

Of the 21 reports of tornado sightings — many of which are multiple reports of the same tornado — none were stronger than an EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

The next chance for severe weather will occur on Sunday, with the northern Gulf Coast under the gun for damaging winds and possibly a few tornadoes.

[Image via NWS]