A group of idiot drivers in Cambridge, Vermont drove through moving floodwaters along the Lamoille River on Tuesday after heavy rains pushed the river above its banks. While the cars made it safely across, just one or two more inches of water would have likely resulted in their being washed off the road and killed.

More than half of all flooding-related deaths in the United States occur in vehicles. If you think the weight of your car will save you from getting swept away, you're wrong. Floodwaters as little as six inches deep can provide enough buoyancy to allow the force of the moving water to carry you away to a probable death.

When a road is flooded or has moving water running across it, do not drive across it. Turn around, don't drown. You are not invincible and you cannot always tell how deep the water is until it's too late.

People who intentionally drive through a flooded roadway not only put themselves in danger, but they are unnecessarily risking the lives of those who have to come out and try to save them from their own stupidity.

Don't be like those idiots in the video. If you come across a flooded roadway, find another way to get where you need to go.

[Image via WPTZ]