Okay, not really (it's probably ketchup), but still. After having it easy for the last few years, this winter's relentless cold and snow in the eastern two-thirds of North America has residents fed up.

Barring any more snow (hahaha!), this is now the 3rd snowiest winter on record in Chicago. This week's storm officially secured the record for the all-time snowiest winter in Ann Arbor, MI, and put Detroit a literal hair's length away from its snowiest winter ever, recording about 93" of snow this season.

25.1% of the United States saw snow on the ground this morning. At one point in February, over 67% of the country had at least a trace of snow on the ground.

Don't kill the messenger, but models are hinting at another storm system next week that could bring more snow from the Ohio Valley through the Mid-Atlantic and into the northeast. Sorry.

[Image via The Weather Network on Twitter]