Residents of Trout River, Newfoundland are anxiously waiting for a beached blue whale to explode after it washed ashore last week. The whale is believed to have died as a result of heavy sea ice a few weeks ago.

Butler is worried about what could happen if the carcass remains grounded near the town's historic wooden boardwalk. "It's only a matter of time — as the weather warms up, it's only going to worse," she said.

Exploding whales are not a new phenomenon — the gasses that build up inside of decomposing whale carcasses are known to build up enough pressure to pop through the blubber and rain whale bits on the newly-squeamish people unfortunate enough to be caught downstream.

The people of Newfoundland kindly set up a website called to inform the world of the fate of the bloated carcass. So far, it hasn't exploded. Yet.

UPDATE: The whale is deflating and probably won't explode.

[Image by Jeremy Crocker via CBC News]