Say you're a student in a northern Virginia school district that just robbed you of a snow day and forced you to go to school on icy roads, a decision that caused numerous school bus accidents. How do you get back at them? Hack their site, of course.

As seen in a Snapchat emailed to The Vane by an astute reader, someone—assuming it's an angry student is a likely bet—hacked the Prince William County Public Schools website this afternoon after the school district started classes on-time despite treacherous road conditions, only to publicly apologize for the decision a few hours later (by blaming meteorologists, naturally).

For a brief time on Tuesday afternoon, the banner at the top of the county's website read:

On Tuesday, January 6th all Prince William County Public Schools will be realsing students early due to inclement weather. We have realized we are bitch niggas and apologize for the fuckery.

The alteration was quickly removed and replaced with the original announcement that after school and evening activities are cancelled. No school districts in the D.C. area have announced their intentions for class tomorrow morning—temperatures will stay well below freezing until Friday afternoon.

[Images: a tipster—thanks!, PWCS]

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