Beginning at 10:00 PM ET tonight, Al Roker will embark on a 34-hour quest to break the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous live weather report. The ever-present weathercaster for NBC and The Weather Channel seeks to break the current record of 24 hours.

NBC will stream their "#Rokerthon" on, and you'll probably see him in your neck of the woods, too: he plans to produce live weather broadcasts for hundreds of NBC affiliates around the country during his nearly day-and-a-half broadcast.

The record attempt isn't completely an empty publicity stunt—Roker is using the campaign in order to raise money for the USO.

The network outlines some rules that Roker has to follow in order to break the record, including talking about nothing but the today's weather, last week's weather, and the weather forecast for the next week. He also gets to take a five-minute break every hour, which he will presumably use for restroom breaks.

In an interview this morning, Roker told the Today Show that he "will drink green tea, water, eat a combination of fats and proteins, and work out on an exercycle as much as possible" to survive the 34-hour feat.

Good luck, Al. We'll be rooting for you. Or laughing, when sleep deprivation takes over. Probably a bit of both.

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