64 Years' Worth of Twister Tracks Look Like a Jackson Pollock Painting

This map shows the tracks of all 59,036 recorded tornadoes that touched down in the United States between January 3, 1950 and December 21, 2013. The end result looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.

The strength of the tornadoes is denoted by the color of the track; white tracks are the weakest F0/EF-0 tornadoes, while the bright red tracks show the strongest F5/EF-5s.

The prevalence of tornadoes in the central United States is clear, as are the relatively-calmRocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains. The map shows that tornadoes can happen pretty much everywhere — yes, even in mountainous areas — and that some of the strongest tornadoes have occurred as far west as Wyoming and as far east as Massachusetts.


Be sure to click the "expand" button on the top-left part of the image to get the full effect, as compression diminishes some of the detail.