Cooler Weather on Track for Eastern U.S. Beginning Next Week

Just in time for the beginning of August, the jet stream is undergoing a readjustment that will bring a noticeable change in the weather over the United States for the next couple of weeks. The shift should bring cooler weather to much of the eastern U.S., while the West Coast stays as hot and dry as ever.
» 7/30/15 4:55pm Yesterday 4:55pm

El Niño Probably Won't Solve California's Dire Drought

If anyone is eagerly following news of the strengthening El Niño in the Pacific, it’s California. Strong El Niño events have a history of bringing drenching rain to the West Coast during the winter months, and we could see that play out this year. However, don’t get too wrapped-up in the hype—it’s going to take more… » 7/27/15 3:00pm Monday 3:00pm

Canada Might Gift Us With Breathable Air for the First Week of August

Summer’s death grip on the United States might loosen somewhat as we forge through the end of the month, as weather models are pointing to the possibility of the jet stream dragging down some of that cool Canadian air we all know and love (when it’s not January) just in time for the first week of August. Ahh. » 7/24/15 12:45pm 7/24/15 12:45pm

Hawaii Is Slipping Back Into Drought, and El Niño Could Make It Worse

Hawaii is typically a place people think of with a wistful sigh: tropical beaches, lush greenery, and weather so reliable the forecast hardly budges. The fiftieth state has had a hard time living up to that third point, and the state’s long-lasting drought could return and get worse if El Niño lives up to its bluster. » 7/21/15 6:11pm 7/21/15 6:11pm

Historic Weekend Rain Gives L.A. & San Diego Wettest July Ever Recorded

On Friday, a raging wildfire burned cars stranded on I-15 near Los Angeles while crews battled drones to put out the flames. On Saturday, part of I-10 collapsed as Los Angeles and San Diego recorded the most rain they’ve ever seen during the month of July. Oh, you know, just another weekend.
» 7/20/15 8:00am 7/20/15 8:00am

Dangerous Heat Wave to Blanket Central and Eastern U.S. This Weekend

Hot temperatures and choking humidity levels will make for a dangerous couple of days across a good portion of the United States this weekend as summer reminds us it’s far from over. Widespread highs in the upper 90s and heat indices up to 110°F are likely from the Plains to the coast. » 7/17/15 3:15pm 7/17/15 3:15pm

You Need to Buy a Weather Radio

If you’re reading this at home, chances are you can look up from the screen and see at least one smoke detector. These life-saving devices are able to alert you to smoke from a fire, letting you get out before it’s too late. Weather radios do the same thing for hazards like tornadoes and floods. Every home, school,… » 7/16/15 4:25pm 7/16/15 4:25pm

Rain Between Bouts of Hell: Southwestern Monsoon Season Is Here

Today is the halfway point in July; we’re firmly in summer’s grip with just as much of the season behind us as we’ve got in front of us. It’s a lonely, miserable time of the year for us heat haters, but for folks in the southwestern United States, it marks the glorious time of year when monsoon season ramps up. » 7/15/15 6:15pm 7/15/15 6:15pm

Monday's Derecho Traveled 1,200 Miles From Minnesota to North Carolina

If you ever needed more proof that nature is determined to destroy everything you know and love, consider that a small cluster of thunderstorms that formed in Minnesota on Sunday night grew into a powerful derecho that lasted for 30 hours, traveling nearly 1,200 miles before croaking in North Carolina. » 7/14/15 6:00pm 7/14/15 6:00pm

Chicago and Most of Midwest at Risk as Dangerous Severe Storms Develop

Round two of a three-day severe weather outbreak across the eastern half of the United States is getting ready to unfold across the Midwest this evening and tonight. The atmosphere is getting antsy, and it looks primed to produce more destructive straight-line winds and maybe even a strong tornado or two. The storms… » 7/13/15 5:05pm 7/13/15 5:05pm