Nature Goes for Bingo Across the U.S. This Week With Every Kind of Bad Weather Imaginable

The Pacific Ocean gifted us with a whale of a storm that will make this week a mess for just about everybody. The approaching disturbance will trigger dangerous thunderstorms in the south, another blizzard in Colorado, flooding rains, and usher forth an abrupt end to the unusually warm air that’s bathed us for so long. »11/16/15 5:05pm11/16/15 5:05pm


Five Important Things Everyone Should Know to Survive the Next Weather Disaster

Humans suck at preparing for disasters. Society barely made it through the scourge of Twitter changing stars to hearts. When the sky darkens, thunder rumbles, or snow starts falling, many people simply fall to pieces. These five tips will help you get through the next big storm that’s bad enough to earn its own scary… »11/13/15 3:27pm11/13/15 3:27pm

The picture perfect storm that’s raked the center of the country over the past two days caused 135 r

The picture perfect storm that’s raked the center of the country over the past two days caused 135 reports of damaging thunderstorm winds and 12 reports of tornadoes on Wednesday. The storm also generated some pretty strong winds as it swirled through the Great Lakes, with a 55 MPH gust in Buffalo, 49 MPH gust at… »11/12/15 5:05pm11/12/15 5:05pm

Tornadoes Reported as Fall Severe Weather Outbreak Rolls Across Midwest

The Novemberesque storm that’s swirling through the center of the United States is unfolding just as forecasters expected, with heavy snow in Colorado last night giving way to severe thunderstorms in the Midwest. The severe weather outbreak continues this evening, with several tornadoes reported and more possible as… »11/11/15 5:25pm11/11/15 5:25pm

A Blizzard and Tornadoes Are Possible Tomorrow Thanks to a Big, Classic November Storm

A classic fall storm—just like the ones you used to know—promises to put a big pause on our Septemberest November Ever. This picture-perfect low pressure system will bring blizzard conditions to Colorado, severe thunderstorms with tornadoes to the Midwest, and ripping winds from the Plains to the Great Lakes. »11/10/15 4:11pm11/10/15 4:11pm

Yemen Saw More Hurricane-Strength Storms Last Week Than Florida Has Seen in the Past Ten Years

Two hurricane-strength tropical cyclones have made landfall in Yemen in the past week. Last Tuesday, Cyclone Chapala made landfall in mainland Yemen, the first such landfall on record. On Sunday, Cyclone Megh made landfall on the Yemeni island of Socotra as the equivalent of a category three hurricane. That is not… »11/09/15 4:26pm11/09/15 4:26pm

Tropical Depression Twelve formed near the Bahamas on Sunday evening, likely to become Tropical Stor

Tropical Depression Twelve formed near the Bahamas on Sunday evening, likely to become Tropical Storm Kate on Monday before it swiftly jets out to sea and away from the United States. This will probably finish off the strange 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season, but tropical systems can and have formed as late as December. »11/08/15 10:28pm11/08/15 10:28pm

The Incredible Process That Lets the Atmosphere Dump an Ocean of Rain in a Few Hours

Last week, Austin, Texas, and surrounding communities found themselves flooded after a relentless thunderstorm dropped more than a foot of rain in just a few hours. This astounding rainfall event was the result of a phenomenon known as “training,” and as Austin saw, training can lead to devastating results. »11/06/15 5:12pm11/06/15 5:12pm

Happy November! A Line of Severe Thunderstorms Is Sweeping Through the Central U.S.

The unusual March-like temperatures bathing much of the country this week are coming with a nasty side effect: March-like thunderstorms. A small but feisty severe weather outbreak is brewing in the center of the country right now, with damaging winds, large hail, and even a few tornadoes possible. »11/05/15 4:18pm11/05/15 4:18pm

Watch a Storm Chaser Ride Out a Category Five Hurricane as It Tears Apart His Hotel

Veteran hurricane chaser Josh Morgerman just published his incredible firsthand account of Hurricane Patricia’s landfall on the west coast of Mexico late last month. Patricia, the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded, came ashore as a category five with catastrophic winds of 165 MPH. »11/04/15 3:34pm11/04/15 3:34pm

Cyclone Chapala Ravages Yemeni Coast, Residents Unlikely to See Meaningful Help

Cyclone Chapala made a historic landfall along the coast of Yemen early on Tuesday, becoming the first hurricane-strength storm to make landfall there since reliable records began. The cyclone came ashore near Al Mukalla, an Al Qaeda-controlled city that’s home to more than 100,000 people. »11/03/15 4:16pm11/03/15 4:16pm

November Decides to Begin With a "Heat" Wave, Everyone's Pretty Much Okay With It

Good news! It’s going to be nice and warm this week for just about everyone who should shiver come November. I mean, since we just had to set the clocks back in some dumb ritual we perform simply because it’s a dumb ritual, we should at least get something nice in return, right? »11/02/15 4:51pm11/02/15 4:51pm

The Weather Is About to Make Your World Much Louder (and More Annoying)

Fall is getting off to a slow start this year. It gets cool for a couple of days, then it warms right back up (not that that’s a bad thing!). As the cool days outnumber the warm, though, you’ll begin to notice a lot more noise at night and in the morning, and it’s all thanks to the weather. »11/02/15 8:30am11/02/15 8:30am

Powerful Cyclone Chapala Could Make Historic Landfall in Yemen Next Week

2015 is a year that’s determined to break every record possible. Just a week after we saw the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded, we’ve got one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded in the Arabian Sea, and it’s aiming straight for Yemen. You know, that ol’ tropical paradise. »10/30/15 2:40pm10/30/15 2:40pm

You'll Never Believe Who Just Bought! (It Was IBM)

Computer and data giant IBM announced today that it’s purchased The Weather Company’s digital assets in a multi-billion dollar deal. IBM is now the proud owner of weather dot com—the world’s most popular source for finding out what THIS! is—as well as several other ventures. The Weather Channel was not included in the… »10/28/15 2:45pm10/28/15 2:45pm

Please Start Using Google Image Search to Kill Fake, Viral Pictures

If you scrolled through Facebook or Twitter this weekend, odds are you saw at least a dozen different pictures of Hurricane Patricia. There’s a pretty good chance at least half of them were fake or misrepresented. If you have an internet browser, you have access to a quick and easy viral image debunker. The internet… »10/26/15 5:27pm10/26/15 5:27pm