Tropical Storm Erika Prompts State of Emergency in Florida: Here's What You Need to Know

Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in Florida this morning in anticipation of Tropical Storm Erika’s arrival this weekend and early next week. The storm’s disorganized nature and erratic motion is making it a nightmare to forecast. Here’s what you need to know about Erika as it draws closer to the U.S. » 8/28/15 4:10pm Today 4:10pm

Deadly Flash Flooding Possible as Tropical Storm Erika Aims for Puerto Rico

Tropical Storm Erika is a mess today, barely holding itself together as it draws closer to Puerto Rico. Despite its ragged appearance, the storm is producing very heavy rain along its path; devastating flooding on the small island of Dominica killed at least four people last night. Erika is still a threat to Florida,… » 8/27/15 6:43pm Yesterday 6:43pm

Tropical Storm Erika Could Break Florida's 3,594-Day Hurricane-Free Streak

We’re fast approaching ten years since the last hurricane made landfall in Florida. Hurricane Wilma struck the southwestern tip of the state on October 24, 2005, and ever since then, this hurricane-prone panhandle has been incredibly lucky. That could change in the coming days if the forecasts hold true.
» 8/26/15 3:43pm Wednesday 3:43pm

Tropical Storm Erika Could Either Threaten the U.S. Next Week or Fall Apart into Nothing

Social media is buzzing this afternoon over the possibility that Tropical Storm Erika could strengthen into a hurricane and threaten the U.S. East Coast next week. However, the forecast is far from certain, and the storm could either make landfall or fall apart or swerve out to sea. Predicting the future is hard, and… » 8/25/15 3:53pm Tuesday 3:53pm

Understanding Storm Surge, the Deadliest and Most Overlooked Hazard in Hurricanes

Whenever a hurricane threatens land, almost all of the focus is on preparing for the strong winds. It’s not always the wind that gets you—it’s the water. The storm surge in a hurricane is arguably the greatest threat with these landfalling terrors, and it’s one that too many people seem to ignore until it’s too late. » 8/24/15 3:57pm Monday 3:57pm

Hawaii Under Hurricane Threat; Atlantic's Danny Explodes into a Major Hurricane

Summer weather is characterized by long periods of mind-numbing monotony followed by short bursts of terrifying chaos. We’re in one of those chaotic periods right now, where the August doldrums collapsed and gave us a tiny but powerful hurricane in the Atlantic, and a potential hurricane threatening Hawaii next week. » 8/21/15 4:41pm 8/21/15 4:41pm

Hurricane Danny Eyes Caribbean as Three More Storms Try to Take Shape

Talk about feast or famine—it’s like the tropics looked at the calendar and decided that they needed to shift into high gear. Not only are we tracking Hurricane Danny as it makes its way toward the Caribbean this weekend, but there are three more systems—two in the Atlantic and one in the central Pacific—that could… » 8/20/15 4:18pm 8/20/15 4:18pm

'Twin Typhoons' Spinning in Western Pacific, Taiwan and Japan at Risk

Fraternal twins were born in the western Pacific Ocean this weekend. Two typhoons—Goni and Atsani—developed at the same time within a few hundred miles of each other, but each storm took on a life of its own and will have dramatically different outcomes. Typhoon Goni poses the greatest threat to land, coming… » 8/19/15 3:55pm 8/19/15 3:55pm

Tropical Storm Danny Forms in Atlantic, Moving Toward Caribbean (Updated)

A new tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean is going to get a lot of play in the news over the next couple of days as official forecasts expect it to become Hurricane Danny by the end of this weekend. The system has plenty of obstacles along its path and it’s a long way from land, but we’re nearing the peak of… » 8/18/15 3:35pm 8/18/15 3:35pm

The Weather Forecasts in the Old Farmer's Almanac Are a Bunch of Malarkey

If it’s August, it’s another issue of the Old Farmer’s Almanac that sends the internet’s collective mind into a tizzy. The much vaunted annual publication is famous for “accurately” predicting the weather (or so says your Aunt Erma), but it’s basically the print version of a psychic reading on a 1-900 number. » 8/16/15 5:52pm 8/16/15 5:52pm

Here's Your World Today, Explained

The most famous image of Earth is one taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on their way to the Moon in 1972. Not only is it a beautiful picture, but it was the first time many people had ever seen an actual photo of our full planet. Fast forward a few decades, and we can see that view every day. Here’s your world today—as… » 8/14/15 5:39pm 8/14/15 5:39pm

'Godzilla El Niño' Coming to Raid Your Fridge, Teach Your Kids Bad Words

Oh, dear God. Don’t turn around. No, seriously, it’s right behind you. This menacing creature can smell fear and has a thirst for blood. I don’t mean to alarm you, but forecasters predict that a Godzilla El Niño will rise up from the ocean and destroy everything you know and love this winter. Goodbye, friends. » 8/13/15 3:07pm 8/13/15 3:07pm

Watch the Incredible Force of a Typhoon Move a Skyscraper's 720-Ton Mass Damper

Mass dampers are designed to counteract the swaying of a skyscraper as it’s buffeted by strong winds or earthquakes. But it’s incredibly rare to see one of these huge devices moving more an a few inches. Unless, of course, there’s a typhoon nearby. » 8/12/15 12:24pm 8/12/15 12:24pm

Do You Have What It Takes to Predict the Future? The Reality Behind Becoming a Meteorologist

A new reality show is throwing folks in front of a green screen and jamming them into wind tunnels to see if they have the guts to be America’s next great weatherperson. It’s common to brush off meteorologists as a group of lying guessers, but it takes an incredible effort to accurately predict the future every day. » 8/12/15 9:00am 8/12/15 9:00am

Taiwanese Tornado Video Proves Even Weak Tornadoes Aren't All That Weak

Typhoon Soudelor hit Taiwan this weekend with winds equivalent to those seen in a category three hurricane, causing immense damage and killing more than 20 people. Despite its power and destruction as a typhoon, Soudelor will be remembered for giving us one of the most dramatic tornado videos ever released. » 8/10/15 2:37pm 8/10/15 2:37pm

The tornado that struck Troy, Alabama, on Thursday night was an EF-1 with estimated winds of around 100 MPH, according to the National Weather Service. The tornado produced “extensive damage” to a Walmart and Hibbett Sports, injuring six people. The NWS did not issue a tornado warning ahead of the storm. … » 8/07/15 3:22pm 8/07/15 3:22pm